Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Overcome and prevent odor Foot

Odor in the feet to make us feel disturbed. What is the cause? How to eliminate it?

Yuliana Dr. Sanusi, Consultant Doctor Esther House of Beauty describes the humid conditions of the foot, for example, after wearing closed shoes too long, making the skin of our feet do not get oxygen properly. As a result, many bacteria that can grow in that place.

By treating the foot hygiene such as cutting nails, cleaning cuticles and between fingers, at least 1-2 times a week, will help keep the foot health and of course reduce the odor in the feet.

"Paying attention to cleanliness of the shoes we use also reduces the growth of bacteria that create odor in the feet," said Yuliana Sanusi.

Or Can Also Do Tips Here:

1. Foot Rest and Air Rate
Take frequent rest your feet, your shoes copotlah at certain moments. Alternatively use the slippers to keep your legs closed and not getting enough air.

2. Soak in salt water
Once a week soak feet in warm water that had been given saline. Do this for 10-15 minutes so that the germs that cause foot odor disappears.

3. Use Cotton Socks
Do not wear socks more than one day, be diligent to wash your socks. Do not forget to choose socks with cotton fabric or material that does not absorb sweat.

4. Remove Dead Skin Layers
Dead skin could be the cause of damp and smelly feet. Nail clippers on a regular basis so as not to become a den of germs and throw away those dead skin cells.

5. Keeping Diet
Be careful because it could have been eating these foods cause odor on your feet. One of the foods that can cause your feet smell is onions.


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